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     I have been creating art for nearly my whole life. One of my earliest projects was an attempt to color my entire body green with a Crayola marker. Although I never got past my left arm, my passion for creating art led me to study Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. It was here that I found interest in conceptual image making. I enjoy translating intangible concepts into vivid and enlightening visuals. Having never been a stunning conversationalist, I find my illustrations to be an enjoyable and satisfying way to broadcast my ideas.

      The rich environments and attention to detail in the works of artists such as Gustave Dore and Edouard Riou have always appealed to me, and I try to achieve something similar in my own work. My detailed pen and ink drawings contain a sense of realism combined with surreal imagery. I create strong black and white images, and use flat, vivid colors to make my concepts stand out.

       I continue to work hard to put my creative drive to good use. As an illustrator, I strive to express complex ideas in a language that is accessible to anyone. Through unexpected juxtaposition of imagery and visual metaphor I create images that say more than any number of words could. It is this visual problem solving that I enjoy so much, and I challenge myself with each new piece to explore new visual solutions.

                                                               James McInvale



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